The marketing of pregnancy

el marketing del embarazo

Now that I’ve been expecting a baby for a few months, I’m realizing the similarities between online marketing and a pregnancy.

It may seem at first glance a somewhat crazy concept, but I felt the need to share this fantasy with you and therefore I will try to summarize my knowledge about marketing and translate them into the language of the pregnancy, which seem to have it better assimilated.

Really well I think so.

This creature knows how to seduce their parents going through a process of marketing very, but very effective.

According to best gynecologist nyc, you want to raise a formula of marketing from both points of view, the one pregnant with his baby and an entrepreneur with your potential customer.

To make it more simple, I will go to classifying according to the months of pregnancy, okay?

The marketing of pregnancy

# 1st month

As a new MOM: you are not 100% aware of what happens in your body, or know exactly how things go the next few months, that looking for information 24/7 and you go to the doctor so that you orient

You know that inside you grows a new life and therefore you must prepare armando you resources.

marketing del embarazo

As entrepreneur: you know that inside of you have much to give, you know well what you do but you don’t know who are your potential customers exactly. Do you want to? Do you have problems?What desires do want to achieve?

It’s time to meet them, analyze who are and be clear about how you can help them.

#2 1st and 3rd month

As a new MOM: you have assumed news and every time you ilusionas more. You know exactly what your baby needs now and why try to take care of him the most.

You’re thinking of names, how it will be his face and feel more prepared.

marketing del embarazo

As an entrepreneur: Little by little you’re connecting with your potential customers, you feel you know better their needs and it is time to get down to work.

Look for goals, talk about them in a more personal way and your side will draw more human.

#4 1st and 5th month

As a new MOM: Your tummy to the world, your creation you can already show proud. From now on they must grant you seats on the bus and you will take your ultrasound by flag.

Ey! Look at me, I’m going to be a MOM and I feel great pregnancy 😎

marketing del embarazo

As an entrepreneur: Something like that, you now show those potential customers by what your molas than the rest, something akin to what MOM does, but no one that you seat.

Stop that you try and show them what good professional that you are.

#6 1st and 7th month

As MOM: you mentally prepare for what is upon you, the “day of” and the first months with your creature in life. You grab all possible information and you feel safe and prepared.

Come, come! Yes we can!

marketing del embarazo

As an entrepreneur: Confidence in yourself, have to give to your clients, you have to have trust in you and see you as his best ally.

You estrecharás ties with them and they trust you as if you were family.

#8 1st and 9th month

As a new MOM: Your baby has you completely captivated, you are looking forward to the day that comes and you have everything ready for your reception.

Become an unconditional love.

marketing del embarazo

As an entrepreneur: Your customer is in the pot, have seduced him slowly and store loyalty to you provided you continue the Idyll.

I hope that this have liked article and that you also you seem curious so much similarity between this basic marketing strategy and the process of pregnancy we had women 😉

Leave me some comment here below and tell me what you think.

A big hug and see you soon!

The 10 films that every marketer should see

Perhaps February is the month where the film becomes social trending topic. Even though the Oscars continue to wait until the last Sunday of the month, moviegoers and not so much as rub their hands to learn the name of movies that will be mentioned after the famous ” and the Oscar goes to … “

Again, Mexico is it involved in the nominations that have warmed the engines from previous weeks. Gael García , of the film “No”, is directly involved in the nomination for Best Foreign Film, as in addition to star, also participated as co-producer.

On the other hand, in the category of sound mixing, Antonio García could win a statuette for his work in the film Argo , directed by Ben Affleck.

Not just because of where political advertising and marketing are the thread of history, presents a selection of 10 films where the art of advertising plays a fundamental role. And don’t forget that you are able to Watch Movies Online Free everytime at

What Women Want

A classic of our times where Mel Gibson gets the gift that many would like. A publicist egocentric developing a successful advertising campaign for lovemark while unintentionally falls for their creative ideas. This film is an entertaining romantic comedy whose marketera lesson is literal: get into the minds of your consumers to know their insights .

Deadpool (2016)

Click here to watch dead pool online.

The Joneses

There is a subtle difference between living the American dream and selling the American dream. Enjoyable and entertaining Hollywood style, the film makes clear that the art of advertising is a full time job that requires going to bed with the customer . But that … well you know.

The Truman Show

Inspired by the format of a reality show before the boom of these serial, The Truman Show could also be considered a classic noventero. Ed Harris and Jim Carrey tell the story about creating a story and sell it. It would be like a good kind of Storytelling .

Jerry Maguire

Another major consensual, Jerry Maguire tells a story of love, public relations, sports marketing and even miracles. How to sell illusions or sports promises? And of course, take a lesson in how to deal with a difficult customer .

The game of fortune

¿Challenge the system? Change the rules, the destination? It all started when Billy Bean, played by Brad Pitt – sold an idea. Based on a true story, this film explains how the golden boy was looking how to beat baseball teams with payrolls ten times larger than his.

There is a sequence in which Beane hears his old team advisers who possessed the “perfect formula”. That’s when Bean questioned its method and wreaks havoc in the organization with its vision: to get different results, you have to do different things … It could be a work for every marketer header. We recommend you read the review of Cinepremiere on this tape.

The best movie ever sold

Everything is for sale. Internet and television make a message out to all sides. From the creator of Super engórdame, this documentary speaks especially brand positioning and success.

Love and other addictions

Far beyond the romantic story that presents this film, love and other addictions is remembered for being a pioneer of product placement , as when very few knew this powerful medically, the film introduced the market viagra.

Social network

A more consensual public, he was born just when Facebook took power and became the company. Through the stories you will find many tips that led to the young Zuckerberg to be a model entrepreneur and build a digital empire.

The Corporation

A documentary more. This understanding basic rules about what is, what it tastes, how a corporation is built, and above all, to see how the term ” benefit “can have many meanings.

Do not

And finally, the film sounded as played by Gael García and take the statuette will look at the next Oscars . Political marketing . An advertising campaign that builds and sells a very powerful idea: No.


Advertising of podiatrists. Work more and earn less

What to do when the administration, public authorities and professional institutions will launch the free market? Well, you’re looking as it is to find a niche in this market is saturated Podiatry.Internet advertising is a form, but what you do not like the Andalusian College’s offers and discounts. Recommends respect Podiatrist Advertising Regulations. If you can use the Web to advertise their related hype and sotillos . But if you put in “Podiatry Andalusian XIV Conference” and give it to images, almost all photos are of this blog. Curious, we will. But not get confused, make an evening of shit and I wanted to ramble a bit. moment. The next slide put Dr. Luke Cicchinelli in the 41 National Congress of Podiatry held in Gijon.

I do not quite find the point to my new Panasonic Lumix camera, I posted some pictures of the PRE made with my Kodak and the post with the new. I still like more the first. It is a case of 5th finger hyperextended varus .

The Minister of Health, Social Policy and Equality, Leire Pajin “wants to continue” to the “roadmap” designed by his predecessor in office, Trinidad Jimenez. It also wants to “upgrade” the study on the need for healthcare professionals in Spain, for which it will register these professionals, whose culmination “is in process. I hope it’s true and halt the proliferation of Faculties of Podiatry. It also wants to launch the ‘unidosis’ or customized dispensing medicines system. It was another attempt of this same form to save pharmaceutical spending, but showed that represents more costs and loss of effectiveness. Make packaging for unidosis involves changes in machinery manufacturers or, if used in bulk handling and pharmacy. The worst thing is to be party to Benidorm and gives positive ethyl

This editorial in The New Spain came yesterday, the Spaniard newspaper are not lost. Especially, in the comparative data repair, as it costs to eat or buy an apartment in Berlin and in any backwater here; and many other details.
Read, read and meditate. You can see it HERE . Is entitled to work harder and earn less, a solution to the German.

5 Keys for your marketing strategy 2015

For any CEO next year take the best decisions for communication and marketing, here we left the top five trends in these areas this 2015.


Changing nothing in the world that human beings: we are renewed day by day and we become and thus also change the way we see the world the way we communicate and even the way we eat; that is inherent to mankind. So, what awaits us in 2015 in the field of Communication and Marketing? What we will face our organizations to bring to the pinnacle of success?

A few days ago, in an informal discussion with some business partners, like me, have great experience in the industry consultancy Marketing and Public Relations, commented how during our professional experience we have witnessed how these disciplines have become a surprisingly quickly. Also, we remember, we have witnessed, and sometimes we have been participants or protagonists, the success or failure of any marketing campaign, which is finally useful experience.

Thus, in less than 10 years, we have seen how the strategies and tools to position the brands have undergone several transformations in order to also adapt to new consumer profiles and certainly the digital plane is the clearest example this adaptation.

Under these circumstances, it is important that every executive in charge of an organization is always attentive to trends and changes ahead, because when we know what is to come, we can be prepared to capitalize on opportunities and adapt quickly to change. A CEO of any company knows this, so planning on decisions to be taken on issues of Marketing and Communication, I wanted to address some of the main trends of Marketing who will be attending the 2015 strategies.

Let’s take a look. Surely it is new ways of doing marketing, but above all, to achieve better results in achieving the long-awaited engagement between our brand and its audience.


1. Communication based on actual values ​​vs values ​​adopted

In recent years, the great obsession of brands to get connect with their target audiences and establish a level of empathy to hold them captive in a virtual community, where possible, deliver the key messages, content, and so on; many organizations or companies have turned to how much strategy and tool has been possible for even taking languages ​​and communication styles that have nothing to do with the brand image or objectives of your organization.

However, the inconsistency of the messages to our audience is not the best way to construct or position the brand, because in this globalized world, where they have access to much information, it is easy for our audiences to discover that the image we transmit It has nothing to do with the brand. Therefore, 2015 is seen as the time when the marks are displayed as such as they are, without masks; well, the tendency will transmit those real values ​​exist and are practiced daily in our organization.


2. Digital Communities aligned with business objectives

Nobody can deny the fact that brand communication has been digitized and is essential to have a presence in social media; however, not only about having thousands of supporters in the profiles of our brands, especially if they represent any mutual benefit; but to create real communities they can and want to bond with our brand or organization.

2015 will be the year to form groups of followers to be loyal to our brand or business, they are willing, like us, to make a profit and build a truly enriching relationship. From now on, our efforts should focus not having large communities (quantitatively speaking), but to create and win the loyalty of an audience that is interested in having a real experience with our brand.


3. Healing of Contents

Since the boom of social media, the amount of information and content delivered via the Internet has grown exponentially; so, we have witnessed the emergence of trends such as Content Marketing, which allows viral communicate ideas to inspire, educate, inform and convince audiences; creating a positive perception towards the brand and generating quality traffic to the websites of the company. Making our public see our Content is not easy, because the flow of digital information is extremely fast, so that, to compete with so much content on the Internet, ours should be of great value and designed specifically for our audience.

That is why in 2015 the creation and publication of contents will be further crushed, as it will be necessary to adapt and mold them to each segment of our audience, according to their habits, communication languages, preferences, and so on. The idea is to create really useful and interesting content for Target Audience, leading to conversation and interaction; leaving aside the general content and advertising.


4. Right Data: Beyond the Big Data

No doubt having data from different sources and be able to analyze them to see patterns and make decisions successful business, it is a major differentiator and a prized tool to successfully implement a marketing strategy; however, possess a vast amount of data does not make us better than the competition or guarantee the success of our strategy.

Faced with this fact, 2015 is seen as the year of the Right Data, ie only those data should be relevant that really add value for informed decision making; the rest left out of consideration in the analysis work. Here, meaningful work, and that could depend on the success of our strategies is to learn to select the user data.


5. Key Role in Employee Communication Strategy

Until now, most brands have been built based on Communication Strategies “out”, that is, with its external audiences; however, are more and more organizations are realizing the important role of employees in brand building and corporate image.

Certainly, in 2015 organizations will have to consider as a priority the role of intellectual capital in Communication Strategies, Brand Management, Communication Key Messages; employees who better to know what values ​​are being communicated to the outside and include in this work positioning.

Some of these trends are already on the fly, so you have to keep track in 2015;because it is seeking innovative ways to attract the attention of an increasingly selective hearing and get the positioning that brands need.


Start a new year, and is the best time to decide where to lead your organization and how to position your brand. Decide to leave behind old business models and remember this memorable sentence Steve Jobs: “Innovation is what distinguishes a leader of others”.

2015 Dare to make a difference!





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