The fast moving social network facebook is now expending its services to make it easy to share every moment with your loved ones. Recently facebook has made a biggest acquisition in the social network’s history. Facebook has bought instagram application (application with its users) for $1 billion only in the form of cash and stock. This iOS application was launched on October 2010 and now it is first time acquired by facebook. That was a sudden business deal and many sudden reactions were also observed from users against this deal.

On Monday zuckerberg CEO of facebook posted on his facebook time line about this acquisition. He said that this application is introducing the best chance of having experience with sharing mobile photos for its users. Furthermore he has plans to work upon the enrichment of instagram app independently and plans which will allow you to publish your photos to other networks as well by this instagram. Not only is this but facebook also opening gats of growth for instagram app.

In the answer of these comments instagram CEO Mr. Kevin pleasingly said that now they are suppose to produce much better instagram app versions in coming days as facebook is providing much ground to grow.

No doubt that this acquisition is going to be a successful one as majority of users are happy and satisfied to have this experience. According to facebook users this acquisition has made their sharing easy but some instagram users are not happy with this acquisition because facebook has acquire each and every thing related to this product and now it has a legal right use this to tag different ads. But it doesn’t mean that instagram users are bound to use this app after this acquisition. Users can also delete their accounts by doing some steps and some other steps are also there which helps you to save your photos before you delete your account.